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“Insider Secrets Revealed.
How To Easily Start Your Own Lucrative Money Making Window Tinting Business In Your Spare-Time and Generate Up to $300.00 Per Day- Guaranteed!”

Cut Days off the Window Tinting Learning Curve and Explode Your Hourly Wage...or Take Your Existing Tinting Business to the Next Level!

Hello Fellow Entrepreneur,

You could be making $300 a day or more tinting windows in a matter of days with this comprehensive window tinting training program that is like no other. It’s almost like having me right there with you.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your response to my questions. It's nice to know that I have an expert tinter to get advice from when I need it. I have had 3 paying jobs since I got your video and they paid for the 2 rolls of film I bought to start my business, SolarTint FX. I've been practicing on my brothers cars for free. They don't seem to mind and it gives me great practice. I succesfully tinted the Back Glass (BG) of my wife's corolla in one piece and it looks great!

I can't wait to put your other business tips into practice. Your training video is excellent! You communicate your instructions very clearly... the overall quality is great, especially the closeups of your heat-shrinking process! I would recommend your training video to anyone starting out in the business.

Mark Delbeck
SolarTint FX
Milton, VT

You will learn the latest techniques for installing window tint on even the most difficult windows. There’s nearly 6 hours of cash generating strategies in these window tinting videos. They are the best training on the planet-bar none!

Today, I made $305 before I decided to quit and go to the golf course. Wouldn’t you like to do whatever you want when you’ve made enough money for the day?

Look at these numbers for a mathematical example (hypothetical) of how much money you could possibly earn tinting cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, minivans, homes and businesses...

The average price to tint a car is: $150.00
Your material costs are up to: $ 25.00
Your profit on each car is: $125.00

Now, let’s take this a little further...
Here’s a hypothetical scenario. And I strongly suggest that you go through this process with any business venture you may be considering. I based annual earnings on a 50 week work year because you deserve to take at least two weeks off each year.

Based on making $125 for every car look at your potential with this business:

Cars per Day
Earnings Per Week
Earnings per Year

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what Fred Wilson has to say about this extraordinary business:

"In an 8-hour day, I can do at least 4 cars. The work is very enjoyable, I am happy, and I don’t have all of the pressure I used to have when I was a contractor. I really do enjoy myself. The training gave me very good instruction. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the training. To anyone who wants to get into this industry, I highly recommend this course. It has everything you need to be very successful."
- Fred Wilson

Have I got your attention now? The mega-industry I’m talking about is the “automotive aftermarket” industry. Window Tinting is a small segment of this massively growing industry and tinters (people who put tint on car windows) are raking in a kings ransom.

There are tinters (men and women alike) out there making up to $200.00 a day as employees! That’s $1,000.00 a week or $50,000.00 a year…more than most people with college degrees are making.

Keep in mind these are employees. The owners of these tint shops, which is precisely what I will teach you how to do from your home are laughing all the way to the bank each day.

This testimonial is actually from a guy in the business who did not buy my course but he felt he had to impress me. What he doesn’t know is that we now make more than he does on a lot of days, but I didn’t want to use those figures on my site because most people’s “scam radar’s” would start going off. Listen to what he has to say about me and my course. I’ve purposely left his location and email out but I did not edit his spelling or content.



“I have been a Film Technician for 25 years now and surely know what I'm doing. I see you mention making 200 dollars a day well try 1500 bucks
a day which is where I have been for many years. It not very hard to do in Florida which is where I'm at, I have a small backyard shop which does 12-15 cars daily with myself and 2 other tinters which earn 30% of the total ticket. Comes too 400-600 a week for each of them, fresh out of highschool 18 year olds making that kind of cash,certainly wasn't like that when I started back in the 70's."

Have a nice day ................Mike aka ......Music

You see, window tinters who are employees are typically paid only a small percentage of the amount charged to the customer. The average is about 25% for every car they complete.

And the good news is that Window Tinting has slipped under the radar of most people looking for the ideal business because everyone in the business doesn’t want you to know how lucrative it actually can be.

If they advertised this to the world, they’d run the risk of creating their own competition. So, no wonder they have been closed lipped about it.

What are the chances that you will earn this kind of money at a job? What about at another business opportunity?

Look at some of the costs of starting these businesses being advertised on the internet and in Entrepreneur or similar magazines:

Home Cleaning Centers of America
Residential, commercial, window and carpet cleaning
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $23,800.00

Window Butler
Residential & comm'l. window cleaning/gutter cleaning/pressure washing
Minimum Start Up Costs: $17,300.00

Vending Machines
Minimum Start Up Costs: $6,750.00
How many quarters would it take to just make your investment back plus pay for all the candy?

Ace Security Laminates
Window Tinting Business Specializing in Security Films
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $25,000.00
I include information in my instantly downloadable e-book on this extremely lucrative niche. You don’t have to pay that amount of money to start doing it.

Glasweld Windshield Repair
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $1,395.00
A great add-on service down the road but I‘ll show you how to break into this niche for zero cash outlay.

Basket Connection
How to make money with gift baskets.
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $1,495.00

Another window tinting company in my state (name left off for obvious reasons)
Offers a live hands on training package.
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $1,500.00 to $3,200.00 plus airfare, hotel and meals.

And there are literally hundreds more of such business opportunities out there that require a substantial investment to get started. Franchises are nothing but expensive jobs and many of the offers you’ve seen out there are theoretical businesses at best that are being sold by people who aren’t even doing the business.

On top of that, many of these so called business opportunities are total scams, in my opinion. I’ve been taken by many of them in my attempt to find a real business that real people would pay real money for.

If I charged $997.00 for my course it would be a bargain. In fact, I’m not so sure that I shouldn’t. You would earn your entire investment back with only 10 cars completed and from then on you’d be making enormous profits on demand. But don’t worry, you’ll only pay a fraction of this price if you act fast.



"I bought you manual today and have done my first car today, which was simple, Even before reading your manual I have signed with a Ford car dealer. Best regards."

FX Design Concept
Michael McKie
Ch. des Piècettes 6B 1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

Part-Time Income Potential Is Incredible Compared To Any Other “Opportunities” That I’ve Seen…You Be the Judge

Let me be conservative for a minute and paint a mental picture for you. If you only decided to do this part-time on the weekends for example and you chose to only do two cars between Saturday and Sunday you would pocket $250.00 a week in pure profits.

If that’s all you did your first year you would earn an extra $12,500.00. What would you do with that extra money? Would you feel a little less pressure each month knowing you have the ability to make money when you need it?

What would you buy with that money? Would you buy a new car, a newer bigger home, a nice vacation, a new wardrobe, or simply pay off some debts? Maybe this extra money will allow you to breathe easier between paychecks and splurge a little bit without guilt. All of this is possible but you have to take action. Let me help you.



I believe that the e-book is a great way to learn window tinting. I knew nothing about tinting windows, so it was a good place to start in a business for little or no money. I personally had no experience in window tinting and the book gave me the courage to get into a business that I enjoy and become my own boss. I would recommend to anyone to get the ebook along with the video tutorial.


Stuart Skrivanie
320 Chisk Court
Eglin AFB, FL 32542

Here Are A Few Advantages of Starting Your Own Window Tinting Venture From Your Home In Your Spare-Time...

It’ easy to learn.

Start on a shoestring budget. It requires very little start up money.

You can make your entire investment back with just one or two tint jobs. I don’t know of any other business where that’s possible. Do you?

You can earn $50-$200 an hour. Stop! Would that solve any problems for you?

You can do this in your spare-time so you don’t put your job at risk.

Work from home. A shop is not necessary but you can get one if you get too big.

No outside office needed.

You’ll be able to quit your job if you want to.

Your significant other will be able to quit their job if you want them to.

You will be able to pay off debts, buy a new car, a new home or nice vacation.

You will be able to work when you want.

You will have a skill that you can take anywhere you want.

You will be the envy of everyone who knows you.

The people who want your service are easy to find. And they have the money to pay for it.

You can replace your current income from your job within months.

All the “tools” you need will fit in a small toolbox that will easily fit in any car.

It’s a real business you can be proud of…not one of those businesses where you chase your family, friends and co-workers around.

No stupid meetings to go to at some hotel every week.

You’ll be eligible for huge tax deductions. (More on that later.)

Complete freedom to choose your own schedule, hours, and income level you desire.

Work a full week for maximum income or 3 days a week so you can spend the rest of the time with your family - it's always your choice. Work Part-time or Full-time - If you have a full time job, work around your schedule. You can simply schedule a small job after work or Saturday morning to pick up easy extra cash money.

No diploma, degree or costly training required.

No age, gender or background requirements.

Great business for any man or woman in good general health.

Enjoy the satisfaction your customers express after you finish your work.

Get paid immediately at the end of every "retail job."

After seeing the many benefits of owning your own window tinting business, you might be starting to "see the light", but you might also be wondering…

"Why Do I Need Your Information?”

“Can't I go get some window tint and a squeegee and do it on my own?"

Absolutely. You can certainly start that way, but why stumble your way into this business when you don’t have to? There are many challenges you would have to face.

Which suppliers do you use?

How do you find them?

Which ones should you run away from?

How will I learn how to tint?

And most importantly... How will you get paying customers?

Nobody else teaches you how to get customers like I do. The most powerful time tested and profit proven method for acquiring customers that I’ll reveal to you costs absolutely nothing to implement. Not one red cent.

What good is any business if it doesn’t teach you how to predictably acquire customers? It’s not worth a wooden nickel. Just this little “secret” is worth the small price I’m asking you to invest.

If You'd Rather Skip The Learning Curve, Save Your Money and Preserve Your Precious Time Then Keep Your Eyes Glued To This Page

Because I’m just an average guy who felt frustrated back in 1992 when I started my business. I was absolutely terrified because I walked into my job at a very large insurance company here in Portland, Oregon one day and I sat down at my chair in my cubicle and...

I snapped!

I was spending 40 hours a week in this little “prison cell”, a.k.a. cubicle, working as an insurance adjuster making only $1,600.00 a month…gross and I felt like a total failure. I was still relatively young. I was 27 years old and married with a two year old daughter and bills just like you.

But this particular day. I decided if things were going to change…I had to change. At that moment, I got up out of my chair and walked over to my supervisor and said…

“I quit. I can’t do this anymore.”

She asked me who I was going to work for? And I said, “for myself and my family,” and I turned in my identification badge and walked out of the office to the elevator. I felt scared and completely relieved and free all at the same time.

Then, I was overcome with panic. You see, I didn’t tell my wife that I was planning on quitting my job today. We talked about starting a business for a few months now but that was it.

Now I had to go home and tell my wife that I had just quit my job. You might be thinking, that’s nuts. But, wait. There’s more. My wife didn’t work either.

Now, we had no income whatsoever. Here’s where most people start looking for another job. Not me. It was worse than death for me. I knew I wanted to work for myself but what was I going to do?

My first business was a janitorial business. I hated it and I only lasted a few short months. But it was better than my old cubicle in a skyscraper downtown several stories above ground. Still, I was desperately searching for a more suitable business.

But what could I start on a shoe-string budget that has the potential to make a lot of money?

How I Got The Answer From My Two Younger Brothers in Seattle, Washington USA

Two of my younger brothers, Donald and Dennis, were working for an automotive aftermarket company in the Seattle area on the West Coast at the time. I decided to call them and ask them a ton of questions like what do you go guys do there? They sold a lot of different things but the most profitable item was window tinting.

Donald was tinting for this company on a percentage basis at the time. He told me how much the company was charging their customers and how much the tint actually cost. Then he told me how many cars they were doing a month. They were making over $30,000.00 a month with only three full time tinters!

Dennis, my other brother, was an outside salesman for this company. Overall this company was doing about $170,000.00 a month with several automotive aftermarket products. He agreed that window tinting was the most profitable. So, I decided that the numbers made sense and that’s what I would do.

Listen to what Donald Rossignol has to say about the profitability of window tinting...

"I’ve supported myself in this business for about 15 years now. I picked up the art of window tinting in about two weeks. No matter who you are, old, young, male, female, white collar or no collar worker, this opportunity, this ebook, is probably the best investment you’ll ever find. So if you want to make real good money, even if it’s part time, buy this ebook. I know you’ll be glad you did."

- Donald Rossignol

"Trial and Error Wastes Your Most
Valuable Asset... Time"

My brothers could only tell me the name and number of their supplier and give me a few pointers over the phone. Remember, this was back in the days when there was no internet. Additionally, my brothers lived three hours north of me and since they were full time employees, they had no time to teach me.

I was forced to learn as I went. But first, I called the supplier and ordered my first roll of window tint and all of the basic “tools”. The first car I tinted took me two full days and it didn’t look that good either.

I was stressed out through that whole ordeal. Still, my customer paid me and that’s how I got started. My first year I struggled big time because I had no good training.

I Learned The Hard Way. And It Was An Expensive
Way To Learn…But You Have No Excuses

I paid at least $2,000.00 for my education that first year. You’ll only pay a fraction of that when you get my course. You see, whenever someone called me for a window tint I would do whatever it would take to get the job.

Then, I would call other local window tint companies and pay them all of the money that I would get if they would do the job and let me watch. That was how I learned. Dumb me. I never video taped any of those jobs. That slowed me down. I was too broke at the time to buy a camcorder but I could have borrowed one I guess.

Think of how easy it would have been if I had been able to go back and read step by step instructions or better yet be able to watch them over and over again on a video. Anyway, whenever I got a car to tint I would be standing there thinking…ok…what do I do next…and then what?

It was like when you learn to drive a car with a clutch for the first time. Do you remember that? I mean I had to really think hard every step of the way. My learning curve was further hampered because I was only getting a few cars a week.

I had to discover a simple and cheap way to find customers and fast! We were so poor that we were on food stamps. But I was determined to make this work.

I'm now a master window tint installer. In fact some people call me the "window tint king." Listen to what one of my customers had to say about the tint installation job I did for him.

"Thanks again for the wonderful job you did on our tint the other day. We were able to drop the keys off in the morning and get the car back by the afternoon and I just wanted to say thanks for how fast it was done and the quality of work it was. It looks great and it’s going to help me and my family out a lot. We have a new little baby and it’s going to be nice not have the sun shining in her eyes. We look forward to using you in the future for all of our other cars. We appreciate the hard work and professionalism. Thanks again"!

- Micah Dennis
President Paradise Restored Lawncare


Now, I ask you, “If you could start this business and know without a doubt that you could not fail, and you were guaranteed to make money or you could get your money back, how much would you be willing to pay?”

Be reasonable now. Remember, you just read about a few business opportunities that ranged in prices from $1,395 up to $25,000 and two of them were window tinting companies. One charged $1,500.00 and the other was $25,000.00 and you still had to pay for your airfare, hotel room, and your meals.

If you’re temporarily strapped financially then hands on training isn’t a realistic option. Judge for yourself…

The Downside of Live Hands On Training...

Live training was available from the suppliers but it was way too expensive for me at the time. I still think it’s a great way to get started. But for most of us, it’s just not a realistic option. And besides, even if the live hands on training were free, I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of it.

Expenses associated with getting live hands on training:

Factory Training
Buying a plane ticket
(approximately $400.00)
Paying for a hotel
(approximately $250.00)
Paying for a rental car
(approximately $200.00)
Paying for all of my meals
(approximately $100.00)
  Total of Expenses To Attend Live Training

Even at this modest price, knowing what I know now, it is well worth the investment. You can easily do 20 cars in a month and earn back the entire amount. But, again, why spend that much money if you don’t have to?

What They Don’t Tell You

I have one problem with all of the tint classes and window tint schools out there right now. They are all good and reputable, I’m sure. But what they fail to tell you is that after you spend a week with them and invest over two grand you DO NOT come back able to tint cars all of a sudden. Heat shrinking is a skill that cannot be mastered in a week.

That’s why I suggest you put your money and time where it will work best for you. Spend it on a good tint course like mine and then get my video training as soon as you can afford it. Use the money you would have spent on live training classes to buy a lot of tint and start tinting cars. That’s how you learn this business! That’s the REAL secret. Don’t give up. Persevere. Trust me. It IS worth it. Once you have it “down”, you can make as much money as you want.

One week in a tint class is not enough time to get the techniques down. Live hands-on training is really good for building your confidence level though. Because when you’re around other people learning and you see cars coming to the window tint school, you start seeing yourself doing this successfully.

You still have to practice, practice, practice when you get back. This is not to discourage you. I’m just trying to point out that my manual and my video series will teach you as much and more ( in my humble opinion) for a fraction of the cost.

Plus, you have the benefit of going over my training materials as often as you want. This is how to learn the fastest. Repetition. When you get back from a tint class, you’ve spent a whole bundle of cash. And, now you realize that the learning is just starting.

You’ll need to put out some more money for a few rolls of tint to practice with. Practice on customers cars, like I teach though. Give yourself the whole weekend. Don’t rush yourself. If you buy my book and videos, three rolls of film and all of your tools you’ll still save $400-$500 over the cost of a live training class.

More Disadvantages of Live Hands On Training...

Being away from my family.

Once you leave you still have to remember everything you learned.
Statistics show that we forget 80% of what we learn within 72 hours.
Repetition is the key to all learning.

They still don’t teach you a proven and reliable system for attracting customers.

I still had to pay my bills.

I learned a lot in that first year and my hard earned experience has paid off in spades since then. You are the fortunate recipient of my trial and error learning experience.

You know that the faster that you can tint windows, the more money you are making per hour. That is one of the things I love about this business! Not only can you make money while you are learning the trade, you can go on to boost your hourly rate as you increase the speed at which you can complete a tinting job.

I'm going to show you the best way to learn the trade quickly without spending a fortune. Read on to find out how.

Some would say that window tinting is an artform. I say that is a bunch of rubish! The truth is that window tinting is a trade like any other and it simply takes a little practice and anyone can be successful at it. I'm even teaching my 13 year old daughter to tint windows now!

The key to becoming hugely successful in any business is to invest in yourself. People can take your possessions, but no one can take away your knowledge. Once you have mastered tinting you can make money just by walking into just about any car lot. Build up an undying passion for learning everything you can, because no one can take your knowledge and experience away from you.

Bob Rossignol
The "Window Tint King" Master window tint
installer and trainer.

How much would it be worth to stand in my garage and watch me walk you through every step of tinting an automobile from start to finish?

I wish that when I had started tinting that I would have been able to have unlimited access to watching master tinters and to copy their perfected time saving techniques. It would have literally saved me thousands of dollars and probably hundreds of hours in time that I lost.

I love showing other people how to make money window tinting, but live trainings are expensive, not to mention the travel and lodging expenses, so I have made it affordable for anyone to get an incredible training... to me it is even better than a live training...

Video Training is Here!

I know some of my customers of my window tinting training ebook The Window Tinting Money Manual have practically begging me to get my videos done so you can see me tint windows from start to finish. My Video Training is now on 6 DVD’s for your viewing pleasure! I hold nothing back.

I'm still figuring out how all this newfangled technology works, with my computer editing software, but I know that you don't want to wait to get the videos, so here is what I've decided to do to help you get your business running faster and making you more money right now.

I've put together an amazing video package that will have you increasing your skill level in no time.

Now you can get somewhere between 5 and 6 hours of video (I honestly haven't even had the time to time how long they are!) with me, one of my younger brothers (although we’re now over 40 years old) and some other professional window tinters showing you exactly what to do step-by-step to tint automobiles.

This is virtually unedited video footage. Don't expect any fancy cinematography. In fact there won't even be any editing at all. This is about as "home movie" as it gets. The important thing is that you get to watch and learn from a guy that’s learned from scratch. I explain the little things that make a big difference in how the tint job turns out. I included other tinters so you can learn from different tinters to get a more complete understanding of the tinting process AND see that anybody with desire CAN do this.

There is a reason that these videos are totally unedited (besides me being way to busy and stupid to edit them!) I've seen many window tinting training videos and the fact that they have been edited by some big production studio is actually their biggest downfall.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re not intentionally leaving important details out. They have just forgotten the little things they’ve learned through years of tinting that have made them such great tinters! As a result, they are able to tint professionally, but they fail to explain the little things that ARE EXTREMELY important. Once you learn them yourself you don’t even realize you’re doing them.

The problem with many of the training videos that I've seen is that they have been turned into something you would see on TV, kind of like those home improvement shows where they do part of a step, then jump to the next scene and then onto another scene, without showing you what they are doing in between each step. In this business many times it is the small details that make the difference between an amateur and professional window tinting job.


Here is what information is packed into these videos...

In each of these videos you learn how to properly clean the glass. Do this incorrectly and your customers will not be happy. And neither will you. Proper cleaning of each window is absolutely paramount to a high quality, high profit tint job!

You’ll want to watch your DVD’s over and over again! Repeated viewing may seem pointless. But trust me…it will imbed the techniques into your subconscious at a level that will speed up your learning curve. That means you’ll be making money faster.

YOUR DVD’s Cover the Following Automotive Window Tinting Techniques:

Tinting Roll-Up Windows Without Removing Door Panels
and How to deal with door seals and gaskets.

Tinting Stationary Windows

Tinting Rear Windows – Using the latest techniques used by all piece and two piece installations.

  •   Proper cleaning technique
  •   How to cut patterns without a stupid, costly and ridiculous plotter!
  •   What tools you’ll need and where to get them

Tint supplier information. You get direct contact information so you don’t overpay and to guarantee you are offering high quality products.

This is all real world stuff. You will even shows me making mistakes without editing them out of the videos! Who else is going to show you real life footage like this? All of this will come with your DVD Video Training Library.

Listen to what Donald Rossignol has to say about the profitability of window tinting...

"I’ve supported myself in this business for about 15 years now. I picked up the art of window tinting in about two weeks. No matter who you are, old, young, male, female, white collar or no collar worker, this opportunity, this ebook, is probably the best investment you’ll ever find. So if you want to make real good money, even if it’s part time, buy this ebook. I know you’ll be glad you did."

- Donald Rossignol

- Gig Harbor, WA

You’ll learn a lot from a couple of mistakes I make on video. I left them in for a reason. You learn more from your mistakes. I've never found any window tinting videos that show you what to do on a job that you mess up. These window tinting videos really show you real world examples of window tinting.

If you are serious about building a huge income in your window tinting business then this is a must order package. I'll reverse all the risk so you have nothing to lose with this guarantee...

I'm so confident that these videos will skyrocket your income that I'm even giving you a full unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.
Watch all of the videos. Pour over the other materials too. Take up to 30 days. After you have had the opportunity to “Watch Them” and you don’t absolutely love them to death…I’ll buy it back! No questions asked.
You’ll have no hassles. I’ll issue your refund on the same day I receive the series from you. But, I know you won’t send it back because they show you exactly how to do what my window tinting manual has explained to you.

I could easily charge $499 or more for this training information where I reveal incredible time saving tips, but because I haven't had any time to edit these and because I want to create some amazing success stories all across the globe, All this incredible information is yours for a one time investment of only $297 $197 (plus $7.95 shipping and handling)


Of course I want to give you even more value for your money, so I've included the following FREE bonuses.

Special Report: “How To Remove Tint and Makeup to $100 An Hour Starting The Day You Get My Video Training Course!”
With this report you will uncover my secrets to making a small fortune removing tint from cars. In many cases you can make double the money by removing bad tint jobs and then re-tinting the same cars.

Unlimited Email Question and Answer Consultations
($395 value)
Put together every question you can think of after you have viewed the videos and started tinting or whenever you reach a point that you need answers to your tinting business questions.

I'll email back all the answers to your personally. Pile on as many questions as you like! This will help me with future editions of the ebook so really you will eventually be getting the answers to everybody's questions. More than just getting your questions answered, you get the answers to everyone's questions.

A Powerful Customer Gathering Technique

Receive a Powerful Customer gathering technique worth at least $1,800.00 to you.  It's so simple and it only costs less than fifty cents per prospect per month to put into action.

You will receive this amazing strategy separately 45 days after you receive your video training. Believe me, you'll want this. It's worth many times what I'm asking for my video training. Hurry because I may discontinue this bonus and sell it separately for $495 in the near future.

Put Your Business into Warp Drive With this Amazing Video Investment in You and Your Family's Future.

Listen. There are a lot of window tinting training videos out there. But none of them allow you access to a real life working tinter, owner/operator if you have any questions.

These videos are taped during working hours. They are unedited because I think you will get the most out of them this way. You’ll see in real time how to tint a lot of different windows.

Nothing is held back. It’s the next best thing to actually having us stand behind you showing you how to do it. They are only available for a limited time. After I get the new videos edited and transferred to DVD I will probably discontinue the $197 price. Order your copy today before I change my mind and raise the price.

To your success,

Bob Rossignol
The Window Tint King
Master Tinter and Trainer

P. S. You get over 5 hours of window tinting video in realtime...unedited...It is just like you are standing in my garage watching me (and other tinting pros) tint windows. If you act now you also get the 3 Free bonuses as well. All this is available for only $197 plus shipping and handling, but only for a limited time!

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Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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